Young Chang 131 upright

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Young Chang 131 upright

Make:  Young Chang
Model:  131cm upright
Finish: Mahogany Polished
Age:  1988
Dimensions:  Length 155cm         Height 131cm        Depth 68cm
Price: £TBA


Young Chang are one of the largest Korean piano companies, known for their reliability and performance. The 131cm model is the largest of the uprights and gives an excellent tone with the longer strings. The previous owners of this one had unfortunately split a sticky liquid on the top which had dripped though onto the bass strings so these have been replaced with new ones. The rest of the action has also been stripped and rebuilt and is now in very good condition and it has been serviced, regulated and tuned. This model has a slightly brighter tone with plenty of volume and a smooth touch to the keys. Great for those looking to upgrade to a better quality upright without going to the expense of a Yamaha!