Grotrian-Steinweg 160 Grand

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Grotrian-Steinweg 160 Grand

Make:  Grotrian-Steinweg
Model:  160 Grand
Finish:  Black polished
Age:  1923
Dimensions:  Width 149cm         Height 101cm lid down, 191cm lid up        Depth 160cm
Price: £11995


In 1835 Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg built the Steinweg factory but emigrated to America in 1853 where he changed his name and founded Steinway and Sons. Engelhard left the factory in Braunschweig to his eldest son C F Theodor Steinweg who was joined in partnership by Friederich Grotrian in 1856. Thus began one of the most famous piano building partnerships. The 1920’s saw the business at its height employing in excess of 1000 workers and producing 3000 pianos per year. This Grotrian-Steinweg 160 grand model is fully restored with new strings, tuning pins, damper felts and hammers. The action is fully serviced and regulated with any worn felts and leathers replaced. The black polished casework looks stunning and would be a welcome addition to any home. A quality instrument such as this would suit all levels of player and give pleasure for years to come.