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We have a wide range of pianos for sale in stock from portable stage pianos and small uprights through to larger professional uprights and even larger grands that would grace any concert stage. We think that the most important aspect of buying a piano is making sure the customer has the right piano for their needs.

By understanding who the instrument is for, and the use for which it is required, we can hopefully find a selection of pianos that fall within those criteria. Once this has been achieved it is largely down to the player themselves to try each one and narrow the choice down from there. Even if you are only at the very start of the learning process, if it doesn’t feel or sound right you will not enjoy playing and practicing on the piano. If you would like to bring a teacher or tuner in with you to help in making a decision you are more than welcome to do so.

We appreciate that buying a piano is not something that most people do on a regular basis so trying to pick up as much knowledge as possible before making any choice is vital. If you make several visits and spend many hours playing different pianos before making any decision that is fine with us, we can then be certain that you have reached the right choice.

We have separate pages detailing the new, used and digital pianos that we have in stock but all our instruments will come delivered, tuned (where necessary) and with a warranty, the length of which varies from piano to piano. Our Kawai digital pianos all come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty, as do most of our second hand pianos. Most of the new pianos have a 5 year warranty although Kawai offer a 10 year warranty with their instruments.

We are now offering payment options on many of our used pianos, please contact us for details.


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