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“As the owner of a disaster restoration company I can thoroughly recommend The Horsham Piano Centre. For the last 7 or 8 years they have helped my business provide a mitigation service by collecting and storing and sometimes restoring pianos owned by my clients who have suffered a fire or flood disaster.”

Jerry Hodge, The Revival Company


“After my nan passed away and left me some money I really wanted to buy something special with the inheritance and something that I could pass down to future generations. At this time I had been learning to play the piano for three years and was about to undertake grade 3! I knew it was a piano I wanted to get. We made a trip to Horsham as we had seen the shop when passing and thought we would just pop in and dream a bit. The staff were excellent and let me play on all their pianos giving us advice and leaving us when they knew I needed some space. So we left there and started doing research buying books, contacting different people and shops all around the country, I was a complete novice at this and knew I had to be careful as this was a big expense. I narrowed the piano down to a Yamaha U3 and then started searching for ones locally. One of the people I had been in contact with (a specialist in Yamahas) gave me some great advice about what questions to ask to check the honesty of the shops, and there were some really dodgy shops out there! My husband kept on saying lets go back to Horsham Pianos as they were so good, so I emailed the shop asking if they had the model we were looking for, which they did, I then sent them lots of messages asking all these awkward questions and they were the first shop to come back to me honestly. So off we went up to Horsham to check out my dream piano, and there it was, it sounded so beautiful and I knew it was the one. The staff were once again friendly and helped us so much. Delivery was on time, again with excellent staff. I’m now on the way to grade 4 and loving this beautiful instrument. I would highly recommend you make a visit to this shop, they probably have your dream piano sitting there waiting for you. Thank you Horsham Pianos.”

Jackie Osborne


“As a concert promoting society booking top-class professional musicians of both national and international fame we depend on having a good piano for our performances. We have hired instruments from Horsham Pianos for more than twelve years. Throughout that time we have always received a totally reliable and efficient service from them. Being provided with a piano of such quality is always appreciated by our visiting pianists.”

Jill Elsworthy, Horsham Music Circle


“To all the team at Horsham Piano Centre. I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for working with us on our Strategy Event at South Lodge Hotel last week. We really appreciated your enthusiasm, professionalism and assistance at every step of the way. It goes without saying that the piano was beautiful. Thank you for helping us make the event a success.”

Katie Macleod, Mitie


“Having used Horsham Pianos for the last 10yrs I think that is recommendation in itself. With excellent rates , a good personable manner and total ease over timing over delivery times I would not go anywhere else. But the most important part of any business is reliability and this is where I cannot fault them.”

Zoe Peate, Cantatrice


“Recently hired a beautiful piano for our daughter to learn on from Horsham Piano Centre. The staff were very helpful and guided us through all the options available from the big selection they have. Our daughter is now overjoyed with the new piano and is always practicing, much to her teachers delight. Although it looks small from the street we were surprised at what a big shop it is when you get inside – highly recommended.”

Margaret Jenkins


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