Kawai GL50 6’2″ grand piano

Project Info

Project Description

Make:  Kawai
Model:  GL50
Finish:  Black Polished
Age:  New
Dimensions:   Width 151cm         Height 102cm (lid closed) 183cm (lid open)        Length 186cm
Price: £17299.00


The GL50 grand offers the outstanding and meticulous attention to detail of the larger Kawai grand pianos, in the very popular size  around 6′. This piano has a  lovely touch and tone thanks to the experience that Kawai have built up over the nine decades of piano manufacture. Their belief in using the latest state-of-the-art materials means that the actions are now extremely stable and very precise giving a superb touch. It caters for all needs from novice level right through to the seasoned professional.

Some features include;

• Kawai’s Ultra-Responsive Action.

• 100% premium wool felt hammers.

• A large soundboard area.

• Three pedals including Sostenuto pedal.