• Piano Removals and Storage

    Removals and Storage


When it comes to moving a piano it is often immediately apparent that they are often a considerable weight, many uprights will be in excess of 200 kgs and larger grands over 500kgs. If you decide to employ the professionals to carry out the removal of your precious instrument then we would be very happy to give you a quote. Our removal team are very friendly, experienced, careful and professional and can carry out all types of removal. Whatever the piano that needs moving from a tired family heirloom that has been passed down many generations to a new grand piano we treat them all with the same high levels of care and respect, and all removals are fully insured.

We have recently taken on all the piano work for another local removal company who were finding that their own guys were often not quite experienced enough to carry out the jobs without causing minor damage on some occasions.

If however you have the manpower available and want to move your piano yourself we hire out a set of the trolley wheels we use for removals and are very happy to advise you on the best way to move your piano without causing damage to either those doing the moving or the piano itself.


When storing a piano it is essential that it is kept in conditions as close to those of a normal domestic environment. Temperature and humidity levels are the important factors here, a temperature of between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius and humidity levels of between 45 and 65% are ideal. The storage that we offer is in the back part of our showrooms and therefore these levels are easily maintained with pianos individually covered and in the case of grand pianos all legged up (i.e. in their normal playing position).

If you are looking to store a piano with a commercial storage company make sure that the above mentioned temperature and humidity levels are correct. We have heard of storage space being advertised as heated but on further questioning the heating comes on automatically but only to protect from frost! If you have any concerns regarding a potential storage facility then please speak to your tuner or one of our staff for further advice.