Steinhoven SU113 Walnut upright

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Steinhoven SU113 Walnut Upright

Make:  Steinhoven
Model:  SU113 Upright
Finish:  Walnut Polished
Age:  New
Dimensions:  Width 150cm         Height 113cm        Depth 57cm
Price: £3495


This model the Steinhoven SU113 is a mid height upright with a fully richer tone than many of the smaller uprights. The slightly longer string length and soundboard area when compared to smaller models provides a more powerful sound and this is allied to a smooth action to give a very pleasing touch and tone. One of the better Chinese brands, Steinhoven pianos represent great value for money and are aimed at the amateur/intermediate player. The very attractive walnut polished case is of a traditional style with an overhanging lid and leg at either end of the keyboard.