Reid-Sohn CS108 upright

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Reid-Sohn CS108 upright

Make:  Reid-Sohn
Model:  CS108 Upright
Finish:  Red Mahogany Polished
Age:  1998
Dimensions:  Length 147cm         Height 108cm        Depth 54cm
Price: £2295


Reid-Sohn pianos are made by Samick, the largest musical instrument makers in the world and a Korean company. They are decent pianos with a wealth of European parts giving a slightly richer tone than many of the Far Eastern pianos. An attractive red mahogany modern style casework that is in very good condition. This model, the Reid-Sohn CS108 upright has a celeste rail for quiet playing or practice via the third or middle pedal. It has been serviced and tuned. Although a compact type of upright it has a very pleasant richer tone and as always with these pianos a smooth feel to the action.