Kawai K300 upright

  • Kawai K300

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Kawai K300 upright

Make:  Kawai K300
Model:  K300
Finish:  Black Polished
Age:  New
Dimensions:   Length 149cm         Height 122cm        Depth 61cm
Price:  £5195


The Kawai K300 offers a beautiful tone along with a fantastic touch. It caters for all needs from novice level right through to the seasoned professional.

Some features include;

  • Kawai’s Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites.
  • Double felted, Mahogany core hammers.
  • Soft Close fall system.
  • Practice pedal.

This piano is also available in polished white with brass fittings and also in black or white with nickel plated hardware; hinges, pedals, etc…