Kawai E200 upright

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Kawai E200 upright

Make:  Kawai
Model:  E200
Finish:  Black Satin
Age:  New
Dimensions:   Length 149cm         Height 114cm        Depth 57cm
Price: £3995.00


The Kawai E200 offers outstanding touch and tone for its size a price. It caters for all needs from novice level right through to the seasoned professional. The same piano as the K200 but with a satin black finish rather than the polished black which makes quite a saving on cost.

The ABS action parts are incredibly strong and light which gives the pianist more control of the action and the peace of mind that changes in temperature and humidity won’t change the feel of the action dramatically. If you are looking for a good quality upright and like the satin finish then this is the model for you.

Some features include;

  • Kawai’s Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites.
  • Double felted, Mahogany core hammers.
  • Soft Close fall system.
  • Practice pedal.