Gerh. Steinberg Compact Upright

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Gerh. Steinberg Compact Upright

Make:  Gerh. Steinberg
Model: Compact Upright
Finish:  Mahogany Satin
Age:  1986
Dimensions:  Length 143cm         Height 109cm        Depth 56cm
Price: £2195

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Gerh. Steinberg were a British built piano although the name is very German. From the same London factory that made the renowned Broadwood, Welmar and Knight pianos. The Gerh. Steinberg compact style upright is built to the same high standards as those brands previously mentioned. It therefore has the rich more mellow tone that is associated with the good quality British pianos. Although more than 35 years old this example is in excellent condition with a virtually unblemished casework. Internally as well the piano looks to have had very little playing with the hammers showing only very light grooving from the strings.