Chappell 7 Octave upright

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Chappell 7 Octave upright

Make:  Chappell
Model:  7 Octave upright
Finish: Walnut Coloured Satin
Age:  1977
Dimensions:  Length 131cm         Height 106cm        Depth 50cm
Price: £1395


Chappell is a very well known British piano maker and at the end of the 20th century they were built in the Kemble Piano factory in Milton Keynes. They were the last large-scale British piano manufacturer until they moved production to the Far East, as many had done previously. This Chappell 7 octave upright model is ideal for those with limited space as it is 10cm shorter than most of the 88-note models. It has had a full service, regulate and a couple of tunings and the price includes local delivery, on-site tuning and a 3 year warranty.