Broadwood 5′ 8″ Barless grand

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Broadwood 5′ 8″ Barless baby grand

Make:  Broadwood
Model:  5′ 8″ Barless grand
Finish:  Rosewood Satin
Age:  c.1913
Dimensions:  Width 151cm         Height 101cm lid down, 176cm lid up        Depth 173cm
Price: £5495


A stunning looking grand piano in a lovely rosewood satin finish casework. The Broadwood 5′ 8″ barless grand is a beautiful example of this sort after design. The barless grands were designed to improve sustain and also to eliminate the tonal inequalities caused by the frame support bars. They received high acclaim when they were introduced but because of the high cost of producing these grands and the tough economic times Broadwood stopped production of these models in the late 1920’s. Broadwood are the oldest established British piano maker dating back to 1728. This one has been restored with new strings, tuning pins and damper felts. The hammers have been reshaped and the key tops replaced. It has a lovely rich tone throughout and precise touch to the action.