Zender Cabriole 7 octave upright

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Zender Cabriole 7 octave upright

Make:  Zender
Model:  Cabriole 7 Octave upright
Finish: Walnut Polished
Age:  c.1980
Dimensions:  Length 131cm         Height 99cm        Depth 51cm
Price: £995

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Zender were a British piano manufacturer who seemed to specialise in compact upright models at this time. This one having a cabriole style, polished walnut casework is quite unusual but very attractive at the same time. The top lid hinges on the left hand side to allow more volume if required. As with any samller upright the tone is rather limited but pleasant and not too bright. The action has been serviced and it has a smooth feel. At just 131cm wide it is one of the narrowest 7 octave uprights available.