Zender 7 Octave upright

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Zender 7 Octave upright

Make:  Zender
Model:  7Octave upright
Finish: Walnut Satin
Age:  1977
Dimensions:  Length 133cm         Height 100cm        Depth 50cm
Price: £795

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Sidney Zender realised that the key to selling more pianos in the 1960’s was to make them as small as possible. With increased competition from the radio and television there was less room for pianos in most houses. As a result most Zender uprights that are still around today are very compact in size but they are also of decent quality. This 7 octave upright is just 133cm wide so is ideal for those with limited space. Internally the key bushings have been replaced and the action has been serviced and tuned.