Young Chang 109 upright

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Young Chang 109 upright

Make:  Young Chang
Model:  Modern 109 upright
Finish:  Black polished
Age:  1988
Dimensions:   Length 131cm         Height 109cm        Depth 50cm
Price:  £1895.00

Now sold


The Young Chang pianos are a very well built brand which are generally very consistent. The tone is generally quite bright with these pianos but we have put a new set of German hammers on this model which has given the piano a richer more mellow tone. The action has also been re-centred where necessary to give a smooth even touch. The black polished finish is often popular in more modern homes and the compact size of this upright is also appealing to many. The celeste, or third pedal, allows the piano to be used for practice or to be played very quietly..