Yamaha YK101 upright

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Yamaha YK101 upright

Make:  Yamaha
Model:  YK101 Upright
Finish:  Mahogany Satin
Age:  1986
Dimensions:  Length 148cm         Height 109cm        Depth 54cm
Price: £2195

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Yamaha pianos are known all over the world for their quality and have built up a great reputation with good reason. This model the Yamaha YK101 is quite unusual as it was a model only made at the Kemble piano factory in the mid 1980’s. The main difference we find with these pianos is that the hammers that are used a slightly softer than in the Japanese ones. This gives the piano a slightly softer tone which is generally preferred here, and in Europe in general. This piano has just come through the workshop where it has been serviced and tuned. It will be delivered locally within the price and also includes a 3 year warranty.