Yamaha U3S Sostenuto upright

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Yamaha U3S sostenuto upright

Make:  Yamaha
Model:  U3S upright
Finish:  Black Polished
Age:  2002
Dimensions:  Length 153cm         Height 131cm        Depth 65cm
Price: £5750

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This is a lovely example of the Yamaha U3S black upright model which is in good condition. With a height of 131cm the extra string length gives a rich tone and increased volume, especially in the bass. The ‘S’ in the name refers to the Sostenuto pedal which is only normally found on grand pianos. Uprights of this size are often comparable in tone to larger baby grands. The action has been fully regulated so the piano plays very nicely and as you’d expect from a recent Yamaha it has a crisp powerful tone. This model also feature the soft close mechanism on the fall to stop fingers getting crushed when the lid is closed.