Yamaha M1SR upright

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Yamaha M1SR upright

Make:  Yamaha
Model:  M1SR upright
Finish:  Walnut polished
Age:  1987
Dimensions:   Length 150cm         Height 108cm        Depth 54cm
Price:  £2195.00

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As one of the best known brands in the piano industry Yamaha have a very good reputation for quality instruments. With the curved legs and side hinging lid on this model it is rather different to the usual, and elegant for it. As you would expect it has fine quality materials giving a great tone and easy feel to the action. The casework has a lovely grain and it is virtually free of any blemish. Able to be played to a high level and with its good looks this is likely to move quite quickly. The third or celeste pedal allows for quiet playing or practice.