Yamaha C108 Walnut upright

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Yamaha C108 Walnut upright

Make:  Yamaha
Model:  C108 Upright
Finish:  Walnut Polished
Age:  1993
Dimensions:  Length 148cm         Height 108cm        Depth 54cm
Price: £TBA

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Yamaha C108 Walnut upright. One of the smaller models from Yamaha but still a Japanese built piano rather than the later Chinese versions. This one is in a lovely walnut polished casework and has the distinctive Yamaha crisp tone. The positive touch is another feature of the Japanese models and this is very smooth. Features the celeste pedal to allow quiet playing if required and has been serviced and tuned. Although a fairly compact upright the touch and tone mean that it is suitable for all types of player and will give plenty of playing pleasure.