Yamaha 104cm Mahogany upright

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Yamaha 104cm Mahogany upright

Make:  Yamaha
Model:  104cm
Finish:  Mahogany Polished
Age:  1976
Dimensions:   Length 143cm         Height 104cm        Depth 56cm
Price: £TBA

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Yamaha are one of the best known piano brands as they make very good quality pianos and this is a lovely example. This Yamaha 104cm upright is one of the smaller models but it still has a lovely touch and tone. The action has been stripped, the hammers reshaped and the rest of the action serviced before re-assembly. Made in the mid 1970’s and made in Japan this is a lovely upright for those looking for a small good quality upright. Delivered locally and including a 3 year warranty within the price.