Welmar 123 Mahogany upright

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Welmar 123 Mahogany upright

Make:  Welmar
Model:  123 upright
Finish:  Mahogany Satin
Age:  1990
Dimensions:  Length 143cm         Height 123cm        Depth 60cm
Price: £2895.00


Welmar pianos were probably the best quality British manufacturers of this time. This is quite a tall model at 123cm high which gives more volume and better tone than the shorter models.The action has been stripped with any worn felts and leathers replaced as necessary. The middle key bushings have been replaced as they were a little worn. It’s tone is crisp and clear without being too harsh and the touch is positive and smooth. The casework is elegant without being ornate and it will sit very comfortably with other dark furniture of all ages it is on castors that allow good movement.. This piano would come complete with a 3 year warranty and the cost includes local ground floor delivery.