Sojin DW-1CA upright piano

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Sojin DW-1CA upright piano

Make:  Sojin
Model: DW-1CA upright
Finish:  Mahogany satin
Age:  1985
Dimensions:   Length 148.5cm         Height 108cm        Depth 57cm
Price:  £1295


Sojin is one of the brands used by the Daewoo Corporation for their pianos. They are a quality Korean company making a wide range of goods and therefore have a reputation for being robust and well made and this upright is a fine example. Often pianos from this area are quite harsh in tone but this one is slightly softer although it does maintain a crisp clear sound. The casework is in a mahogany satin finish and a rather more traditional style than many small uprights.  Internally it has been fully serviced, regulated and tuned and hence would be an ideal instrument for beginners through to good intermediate players. It also benefits from a third (celeste) pedal.