Schaefer 112 upright

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Schaefer 112 upright

Make:  Schaefer
Model:  112 upright
Finish:  Mahogany Colour Polished
Age:  2001
Dimensions:  Length 147cm         Height 112cm        Depth 57cm
Price: £1095

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Schaefer are another of the Far Eastern produced pianos, this one made in China in 2001. They are generally regarded as beginner uprights but they do have a very good tone and action for a relatively inexpensive piano. The casework is a reddish mahogany colour polished finish and it has 3 pedals. The celeste or practice pedal is a popular addition to many modern uprights allowing the instrument to be played much more quietly. Being a younger model it has only needed to be serviced and tuned and is now ready to view and play on the shop floor.