Schaefer 112 upright

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Schaefer 112 upright

Make:  Schaefer
Model:  112 Upright
Finish:  Mahogany Colour Polished
Age:  2001
Dimensions:  Length 147cm         Height 112cm        Depth 57cm
Price: £995

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Schaefer 112 upright piano in a reddish mahogany colour polished casework. This is a Far Eastern made piano at the budget end of the range. This model has a decent tone without being rich and the action plays nicely but isn’t as positive as you find with better quality pianos. There is some slight fading to the casework and there are a few marks here and there but the overall impression is still good. It has a celeste pedal fitted so that it can be played quietly if required and it has been serviced and tuned.