Royale DW7 upright Daewoo

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Royale DW7 upright

Make:  Royale
Model:  DW7 upright
Finish:  Mahogany polished
Age:  1986
Dimensions:   Length 156cm         Height 131cm        Depth 68cm
Price:  £1895.00

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Daewoo are one of the leading Korean piano makers. These pianos are aimed directly at the good intermediate player better with this model having similar size and tonal quality to the famous Yamaha U3. As a result of the additional height of the 131 the string length is similar to or better than many baby grands and therefore it produces a better tone. The stylish traditional casework design in a mahogany finish makes a pleasant change from the standard black of many of its rivals although being a second hand model there are a few small marks..