Ronisch 115 upright

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Ronisch 115 upright

Make:  Ronisch
Model:  115 Traditional
Finish:  Mahogany satin
Age:  1990
Dimensions:   Length 150cm         Height 115cm        Depth 58cm
Price:  £1895

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Ronisch started making pianos in 1845 and they are still producing them in Germany today. Now they are part of the renowned Bluthner group and produce pianos under the same roof as one of Germany’s best makers. Being 115 cm this model benefits from the slightly longer strings than those of a compact upright and also has a longer key which gives a smoother feel to the action. A warm rich tone is characteristic of many European and German makers in particular. There is some fading to the casework where it has been exposed to the sunlight but the overall impression is still quite good. A fully serviced and tuned piano which has the benefit of a third or celeste pedal.