Reid-Sohn SG155 baby grand

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Project Description

Make:  Reid-Sohn
Model:  SG155 baby grand
Finish:  Mahogany Polished
Age:  1996
Dimensions:   Width 151cm       Depth 155cm
Price:  £3595.00

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Reid-Sohn pianos are made by Samick, the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world. As with many of the Far Eastern made pianos the SG155 has a crisp bright tone and positive action and it also features a sostenuto pedal. Although it is 20 years old the casework in generally in good condition with a reddish mahogany colouring. The action has been largely re-centred and the hammers reshaped. These pianos are aimed at the beginner to good intermediate player and it has been serviced and tuned by out technicians.