Reid-Sohn 121 upright

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Reid-Sohn 121 upright

Make:  Reid-Sohn
Model:  Traditional 121 upright
Finish:  Walnut satin
Age:  2006
Dimensions:   Length 150cm         Height 121cm        Depth 61cm
Price:  £2195.00

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Samick produce the Reid-Sohn range of pianos and whilst you may not have heard of them they are the largest musical instrument makers in the world. Built in Korea they have a very good build quality and positive feel to the action. Taller than many of the compact pianos that are currently around the extra height gives a great tone in the bass and the satin finish to the cabinet makes a refreshing change to the polyester only finish of many manufacturers. As you would expect this model has the celeste pedal option for practice or quiet playing.