Knight K20 upright

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Knight K20 upright

Make:  Knight
Model:  K20 upright
Finish:  Walnut Polished
Age:  1970
Dimensions:  Length 141cm         Height 106cm        Depth 57cm
Price: £1895

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Knight pianos are quality British made piano very popular in schools and music colleges due to their good tone and reputation for great build quality. There is a full length music desk on this  model which is ideal for those who like to have several books out at one time. The K20 is a slightly smaller model than the more common K10 although it still retains many of its characteristics. The tone is full and rich with a positive action and the casework is an attractive light walnut polished finish. The action has been fully serviced with reshaped hammers, and any worn felts and leathers replaced as necessary.