Kemble Regency style upright

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Kemble Regency style upright

Make:  Kemble
Model:  Regency upright
Finish:  Walnut colour polished
Age:  1970
Dimensions:   Length 131cm         Height 106cm        Depth 48cm
Price:  £1295.00

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Kemble pianos are British built and consequently is of very good quality. Although the walnut coloured polished casework does have some cracks to it, as can been seen in the photos, it is still an attractive instrument. The chippendale style legs and moulded beading detail gives the cabinet a very traditional feel. As you would expect from a Kemble it has a rich warm and even tone and a light but positive action, characteristic of the Milton Keynes made pianos. The piano has been fully serviced, regulated and tuned.