Hyundai U810 upright

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Hyundai U810 upright

Make:  Hyundai
Model:  U810 Upright
Finish:  Red Mahogany Polished
Age:  1989
Dimensions:  Length 149cm         Height 107cm        Depth 51cm
Price: £1695


The Hyundai U810 upright is made by the Korean giant and is very similar in style, quality and finish to the more familiar names of Reid-Sohn and Samick. The casework is in a dark red mahogany polished finish. There are a few minor scuffs and dents but the overall impression is still very good. Still fairly young for a piano this one just needed a service, regulate and few tunings to get it back to a good playing condition. Although it only has 2 pedals it does have the celeste or practice option via a hand operated lever within the casework.