Fuchs & Mohr 102cm upright

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Fuchs & Mohr 102cm upright

Make:  Fuchs & Mohr
Model:  102cm upright
Finish: Mahogany Satin
Age:  1987
Dimensions:  Length 140cm         Height 102cm        Depth 55cm
Price: £1195


Fuchs & Mohr upright built in Eisenberg in the former East Germany. Like many from this nation they are good serviceable pianos with an even tone but no great depth as they are a smaller model. Quite compact in size and suitable for pupils through to an intermediate level of playing. This piano is currently going through the workshop where it is being serviced and tuned. Although it is 34 years old this is a lovely example with mellow tone and clean casework. The price includes local delivery, tuning and a 3 year warranty.