Eavestaff 110 upright

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Eavestaff 110 upright

Make:  Eavestaff
Model:  110 upright
Finish:  Walnut Polished
Age:  c.2000
Dimensions:  Length 143cm         Height 110cm        Depth 58cm
Price: £1895


Eavestaff are an old established British piano maker but this model the Eavestaff 110 upright is actually made in China. Originally famed for the ground-breaking Eavestaff mini-piano built in England in the 1930’s they subsequently moved production to Holland in the 1980’s. More recently, as with many European makers, the factory was set up in China to take advantage of the cost savings available there. Ideal for beginners through to an intermediate level player, this example has a medium tone and positive feel to the action. Features the third pedal for practice and quiet playing if required.