Cramer 6 Octave upright

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Cramer 6 Octave upright

Make:  Cramer
Model:  6 Octave Upright
Finish:  Mahogany Satin
Age:  1976
Dimensions:  Length 114cm         Height 100cm        Depth 52cm
Price: £1295

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Cramer pianos were built by Kemble in their Milton Keynes factory prior to their move to the Far East. The 6 Octave model has long since disappeared from their range but they remain popular with those starting to learn. At just 114cm wide these pianos will often fit into the smallest space and are ideal for those at the early stages of learning. This one is in a mahogany satin casework and the action has been serviced. There is some fading to the casework as can be seen in the photos but the overall impression is still good. Serviced and tuned and delivered locally within this price.