Challen Walnut baby grand

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Challen Walnut baby grand

Make:  Challen
Model:  Baby grand
Finish:  Walnut Satin
Age:  1934
Dimensions:  Width 144cm      Depth 135cm   Height 97/156cm Closed/Open

Price: £3495

Now Sold


Many of the small baby grands that we come across now are made by Challen which is testament to the way they were originally built. We have fully restored this piano with new strings and tuning pins throughout. The hammers have been replaced and the rest of the action fully serviced. The keys still have the original ivory tops which are generally in good condition with just one or two having small chips to them. The casework has been repolished to reveal a beautiful figured walnut finish as shown in the various photos. As they are very short grands they don’t have the depth of tone of larger models but it is pleasant especially in the middle register.