Broadwood Modern upright

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Broadwood Modern upright

Make:  Broadwood
Model:  Modern upright
Finish:  Mahogany satin
Age:  1989
Dimensions:   Length 136cm         Height 110cm        Depth 52cm
Price:  £1895.00

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Broadwood are the oldest, and probably best known, English piano maker and therefore produce very good quality pianos. This is one their smaller models but it has the same characteristics that they are renowned for. It has a rich smooth tone and a responsive action which consequently makes it ideal piano for all levels of playing. Beginners will appreciate the pleasant tone of the piano and good pianists will also find the quality of the touch very impressive. Although not of great height the tone is very good from such a compact instrument, it has been serviced, tuned and regulated and has the benefit of a practice pedal.