Bluthner Style 8 Grand (6′ 4″)

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Bluthner Style 8 grand (6′ 4″)

Make:  Bluthner
Model:  Style 8 Grand
Finish:  Rosewood Polished
Age:  1899
Dimensions:  Width 152cm         Height 100cm lid down, 183 lid open        Depth 193cm
Price: £9995

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Bluthner as still one of the finest piano makers in the world. The Bluthner Style 8 grand at over 6′ long has a great sound due to its string length and soundboard area. The ‘Aliquot’ stringing is designed to improve the tone in the upper part of the piano by adding a fourth string which isn’t struck but which vibrates sympathetically. The rosewood casework is in original condition and has a great patina and a very pleasing overall appearance. The action is the Bluthner patent style which has had new hammers throughout and been serviced. When properly regulated these actions have a very good responsive touch. As we haven’t needed to repolish this casework we have manged to keep the cost down to just under £11000 for this restored quality German grand.