Bentley Compact upright

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Bentley Compact upright

Make:  Bentley
Model:  Compact Upright
Finish:  Mahogany Satin
Age:  1983
Dimensions:  Length 143cm         Height 109cm        Depth 54cm
Price: £1895

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Prolific English piano maker who can trace their roots back to Grover & Grover who started in 1830. In the 1970’s and 1980’s they were synonymous with small uprights and baby grands. This Compact model is simple in style but has an attractive mahogany satin casework. Suitable for use to intermediate level this would be a welcome addition to any home. We have replaced the bass strings on this model as they had suffered from a liquid spill in the past. The action has had the usual service and tuning and is delivered locally within the price.