Bentley 6 Octave upright

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Bentley 6 Octave upright

Make:  Bentley
Model:  6 Octave Upright
Finish:  Walnut Polished
Age:  1982
Dimensions:  Length 122cm         Height 100cm        Depth 53cm
Price: £895


Bentley 6 octave upright piano, from the well known British maker. This is the smallest model in their range and they are quite hard to find now. Ideal if you only have a small space for a piano but because of its limited size this piano doesn’t have the depth of tone you’d get from larger models. This piano has just come through the workshops where it had the hammers reshaped and was serviced and tuned. Light touch to the action and a brighter tone than many British pianos. It will be delivered locally within the price and also includes a 1 year warranty.