Bechstein III upright

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Project Description

Make:  Bechstein III upright

Model:  III upright
Finish:  Rosewood Satin
Age:  C. 1900
Dimensions:   Length 156cm         Height 127cm        Depth 63cm
Price:  £3995.00

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A lovely traditional style upright form one of the very best makers in the world. Bechstein have a long history of producing fine pianos and this one is no exception. Fully restored to its former glory this piano has been restrung, had new hammers fitted, new damper felts and the rosewood casework has been re-polished. The restored action gives a very smooth feel to the action and the original keys are in very good condition. As you would expect this upright has a rich mellow tone from its long bass strings and it is also a beautiful looking instrument.