Astor P21 upright

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Astor P21 upright

Make:  Astor
Model:  Traditional upright
Finish:  Mahogany polished
Age:  1992
Dimensions:   Length 151cm         Height 121cm        Depth 60cm
Price:  £1995.00


Astor are one of the brand names produced by the Korean manufacturing giant Daewoo. As with most makers from that peninsula the Astor is a very well built piano with good quality parts used and it has a clean crisp tone. The height gives a rich bass and also allows for a slightly deeper casework therefore giving a smooth feel to the action. The piano has been serviced and tuned, although it has had very little playing, and would be suitable for players to a good intermediate level. This model can be played quietly thanks to the third or celeste pedal.