Astor P21 upright black

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Astor P21 upright black

Make:  Astor
Model:  P21 Upright
Finish:  Black Polished
Age:  1999
Dimensions:  Length 151cm         Height 121cm        Depth 60cm
Price: £2495


Astor pianos were made at the Young Chang factory in South Korea and are great quality but fairly inexpensive pianos. This model the Astor P21 upright black is 121cm tall and is a rival of the very well known Yamaha U1 upright of the same size. The Korean pianos are often a little softer in tone than their Japanese counterparts and this one is no exception. The traditional shaped casework and longer strings give it a rich resonant tone. Internally it is all in very good condition with very little wear to any of the felts or leathers. Externally it is also in good condition although there are the minor scuffs that are consistent with its age. A great piano for any level of player and a fine addition to any home.